INTERMIX units are designed for the production of soft drinks containing Carbon Dioxide. In this process, water is de-aerated under a high vacuum and then carbonated with CO2 and doses in any desired proportion with syrup. The finished product is then carefully fed by adjustable CO2 overpressure to the bottle filler.
The main advantage of the process lies in the mixing of syrup with water already containing Carbon Dioxide. By this means the carbonation vessel remains free of syrup, washing out can be done particularly quickly and effectively.

The wide range of models for hourly outputs from 1,000 to 6,000 liters of finished product ensures that there is an INTERMIX to meet practically all requirements. The CO2 is mixed in proper proportion through an electro-pneumatically controlled system based on temperature of product & flow of CO2. Thus maintaining the gas volume in the final product. After production is finished the system is cleaned/ sterilized through the product pipes.