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Ultra Filtration & Reverse Osmosis System

JP Engineers have recently added a new feature The Ultra Filteration & Reverse Osmosis Equipments in their RO manufacturing. We are manufacturing the water treatment plants With Ozonation & UV System for any capacity using 1000 liters to 20,000 liters as required by Customer.

C.I.P System

The full form of C.I.P System is cleaning in Place System. C.I.P system is used to clean product handling equipments, interconnecting pipes & fittings to maintain hygiene & sanitary standards in place.

Syrup Room Equipments

The horizontal plate filter press is used by several industries for a variety of applications. The main application of the filter press is to filter solids from liquids. The press is available in varying combination of number of plates 12, 18, 22, & 40″ dia.

Filling Machines

The term Trio block is used for a combination of Rinser, Filler & Capper equipment. It incorporates Rinsing, any type of Filling & Capping system.

Jar 20 Liters

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Warmers & Coolers

The Warmer & Cooler is widely used for normalizing the temperature of Filled Bottle.
The Warmer can be used for Soft Drink Filling Process & the Cooler is suitable for Hot Juices Filling Process.

Labeling Machine

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INTERMIX units are designed for the production of soft drinks containing Carbon Dioxide. In this process, water is de-aerated under a high vacuum and then carbonated with CO2 and doses in any desired proportion with syrup.